• Joining Weekend Market in Hanoi 24/10

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  • For the first time joining to Weekend market organized by Vietnam Naturally. Many customers have asked where in Hanoi they can buy spirulina products for next time, please help to visit our website or contact directly to us/ our distribution partners or Naturally Vietnam for more information. We are happy to meet many "small customers" when they are coming to taste our samples at the event, and their beloved parents has been selected it for their growth every day with spirulina pasta or spirulina...

  • Spirulina cookbook 2015

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  • We have made our first spirulina cookbook to introduce to you very new material to make favourite dishes. Hope that you can try and enjoy our products. It is so special taste, from natural and good for your health.

  • Spirulina launching event 21/08

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  • We have celebrated launching event for spirulina products on 21/08/2105. We thank to press, media communication, value guest, attendants, friends... have come and share our special time.

  • Fruit yogurt with spirulina

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  • Some people have already try our spirulina to make their foods more exciting and good for health and record like this video:

  • vietnam agricultural export revenue

  • Đăng lúc: 03-12-2013 02:16:23 AM - Đã xem: 104

  • Export revenue from the agricultural sector has surpassed US$30 billion for the first time, reaching US$30.8 billion in 2014, up 11.2% from the previous year with many commodities posting strong growth compared with 2013. Year of records Coffee was up 32.2%, cashew nut 21.1%, pepper 34.1% and vegetables 34.9%, to name a few. Ten agricultural commodities in total saw revenues exceeding US$1 billion in 2014. In addition to growth of traditional exports such as seafood, timber, coffee and cashew,...

  • natural products direct from farms

  • Đăng lúc: 10-10-2014 06:43:34 AM - Đã xem: 24

  • That is the way we are to track the mutual business successes from each and every activities, with our emporwered esources. and, we are happy with the orientation to bring of our incentives of natural farm products, coffee & tea, fruits & vegetables, nuts & seeds, spices & starch to the world.

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