7 foods to avoid before excercising

7 foods to avoid before excercising


Eating a handful of fat and protein packed nuts an hour before a workout can provide the body with loads of energy. But make sure you reach for the raw, unsalted variety rather than their high sodium counterparts.

Consuming a lot of sodium before or during a workout can cause your body’s natural electrolytes to become unbalanced, leaving you more likely to feel dizzy, get muscle cramps, and have an upset stomach.

Opt in for natural, unprocessed foods to help avoid any unwanted salt.



You know the ones. They always promise to provide you with beneficial vitamins and minerals to help you break a sweat.

The reality is you are better off eating a piece of ripe fruit to get all of your nutrients rather than drinking one of these.

They tend to also be loaded with icky artificial sweeteners that could wreak havoc on your good gut bacteria, making you more likely to feel crummy rather than fabulous after exercising.



You may think you are benefitting from picking up a pre-made drink from the grocery store but these beverages can actually set you back. Unlike their home-made counterparts, these store versions usually have added sugars and even oils to help boost their flavor that can cause gastric distress. And if weight loss is your goal, store bought smoothies can also be loaded with unwanted calories that could add on weight.

Try making your own smoothie at home to ensure that you are getting the right amount of calories and nutrients you need. If you are still looking for something convenient and healthy try our Superfood Smoothie Mix or Supergreens & Protein.



While this creamy delicious snack is normally a great source of protein and healthy fats, eating it before you hit the gym is not your best bet. Bean-based foods like hummus are high in carbohydrates that could cause uncomfortable, painful gas and bloating. Nether of which you want when working out.



These snacks have gained immense popularity in recent years as a great low calorie food for athletes and weekend warriors.

While they do contain few calories they also contain very few, if any at all, nutrients. When you workout your body is using up a variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals to help repair itself and improve your health.

Selecting nutrient dense foods will help support your workouts while improving your nutrition. If you are concerned about calories try having a piece of fresh fruit, which usually contains around 100 calories per piece.



Do you stop by your favorite coffee spot before you hit the gym or your favorite yoga class?

While it might seem like the perfect pre-workout nibble, muffins and pastries (even vegan ones), are loaded with fat.

Consuming high amounts of fat before exercising increases the transit time of your digestive system, making you more likely to have digestive issues and diarrhea while working out.

Keep your pre-workout meals light and opt for health fats after you finish.



Bananas have been touted as one of the best pre- and post-workout foods you can eat…as long as they are ripe.

Choosing a green or even slightly green banana can cause your body to become constipated and develop painful gas because the starches in the fruit are too difficult to digest.

Yellow bananas with dark brown spots indicate that this potassium loaded food is ready to be eaten.