Hormone discruptor: everyday poison in skincare products

Hormone discruptor: everyday poison in skincare products

Hormones are delicate, they are easy to unbalance and disrupting them leads to major problems and concerns.

It’s a big issue for women, and the frightening part is how many products contain hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Products marketed specifically towards women to make us more youthful, beautiful, and all of the other promises, are loaded with these dangerous substances.

And the crazy part is that there’s no need for these chemicals!

Why we developed our plant-based & superfood beauty products. We proved you don’t need anything other than plants & superfoods and the results speak for themselves:

Younger, firmer, clear skin.
Faded wrinkles & scars.
Bright beautiful complexions.
Light-weight, voluminous hair.
But enough about us, I want to talk about what really concerns me.

Too many products have these unnecessary chemicals, and we’re on a mission to inform the public. Because these companies certainly won’t do it themselves.

In fact, they don’t even have to tell you all the ingredients if they hide behind a “trade secret”, so it’s impossible to know if you’re even getting all the info!

Women are exposed every single day to these nasty toxins due to their prevalence in beauty products.

So tell your friends, get the word out… check the ingredients! Question the company! And 100% avoid anything with these chemicals in them.



Found in:
Soaps, shampoos, lotions, and cosmetics.

The claim:
To combat mold, bacteria, and yeast growth.

The reality:
Detected in tissue samples of human breast tumors.2
Shown to have estrogen-like effects, resulting in a negative effect on your estrogen balance.1

Too little or too much estrogen can cause a variety of issues including:

Weight gain
Sleep problems
Mental fog
Heart palpitations
Decreased libido
Hot flashes
Cold chills
Hair loss