Are you aging faster than normal?

Are you aging faster than normal?

You may be aging faster than normal without realizing it.

Ever heard of demethylation? It’s part of the aging process.

If you’re older than 18, your body is in a state of demethylation. This is normal. Your cells are not growing and regenerating like the used to when you were a kid.

It’s easy to spot the signs of accelerated demethylation:

Wrinkles and older looking skin
Weight gain
Slow metabolism
Increased risk of heart disease
Cell and DNA damage
Decreased longevity
But you may be unknowingly speeding this process up and aging faster than you should be.

Poor Diet
Lack of sleep
Environmental Pollutants

The truth is that many people suffer from at least one of these issues. It’s hard to avoid in today’s world with jobs, children, social life and more all competing for your attention.

Luckily, nature has a remedy. One of the BEST things to protect against demethylation and help you fight the effects of aging. Nature has provided us with a powerful and potent remedy to help fight demethylation and slow down the effects of aging.They’re called Methyl Groups.

These nutrients are present in several foods. They help restore your body’s ability to regenerate cells, keep them healthy, and functioning properly, effectively slowing down the aging process.

They help your body RE-methylate instead of DE-methylate.

And there is one superfood that has Methyl Groups in abundance.

Consuming this superfood will help:

Keep skin looking young and vibrant
Support a healthy metabolism and body weight
Promote optimal heart health
Fight against cell and DNA damage
Increase longevity