Plant-based living

Plant-based living

With so many different eating philosophies out there today it can be hard to keep all of them straight! Maybe you’ve heard about plant-based eating from a vegan friend or maybe you’ve read one of the numerous studies that are out there praising the benefits of this lifestyle.

No matter how you heard of it you might be thinking to yourself, what is plant-based living?

The simplest and easiest definition is: a lifestyle where a majority of your diet comes from plants (i.e. vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, & seeds). And when we’re talking a majority, we mean 75% or more of your plate should be packed with these nutritious gifts from nature.

Now, here is where the confusion can set in. You can still be plant-based and also be an omnivore or a vegetarian. I know, I know. It may sound a little strange but it’s true. As long as a majority of your food is coming from plants you are still living a plant-based lifestyle. Flexibility is one of the best things about plant-based living that makes it doable no matter what your dietary preferences are.

The key here is not what you are eliminating from your diet, but rather about what you are actually including in it. Science has shown us is that plant-based living, in all regards (vegan, raw, vegetarian, high starch, low-fat, etc.) can improve health and increase vitality.




So how do you live a plant-based lifestyle? It’s simple. Just follow these tips and before you know it you will be a plant-based foodie!

1. At each meal, make half of your plate full of fruits and vegetables, a quarter of your plate whole grains, and a quarter of your plate your protein of choice (bonus points if your protein comes from a plant like beans, lentils, or tempeh).

2. Have at least one meal per day with a plant-based protein.

3. Eat a variety of different colored produce, grains, nuts, and seeds to ensure you are getting all of your vitamins and minerals. Add in superfoods for an extra nutrient boost!

That’s it! There are no gimmicks or tricks. Plant-based living is all about eating real food that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit.

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