Pink ginger and its benefits

Pink ginger and its benefits

Ginger has been a popular ingredient across many industries, including the medicinal and culinary scenes. You might have seen it cut into thin strips in an Asian soup or as garnish beside your favorite sushi roll. Whether you are a health fanatic or a student taking an online culinary course, there are some pretty interesting facts about the root that you should know about.


Ginger coloring
If you have had sushi or sashimi at at Japanese restaurant, chances are the ginger strips used to cleanse your palette were imported from China or Japan. The natural coloring of fully-developed ginger is off-white or beige – any other hue means that food coloring was added. The one exception is if the root, or rhizome, was harvested at an earlier stage. Baby ginger is cream-colored and exhibits a bright pink at the tips from which its green stems arise. The rosy color of raw pieces of baby ginger can be amplified naturally by soaking it in raw beet juice.


Ginger’s medicinal benefits

Gastro-intestinal issues – Ginger has been used in double-blind studies to help symptoms of motion and sea sickness, including dizziness, nausea, vomiting and cold sweats. A study run by the University of Michigan Medical School shows that administering ginger root supplements reduced signs of inflammation in the colon.


Muscle pain – In a study conducted by the University of Georgia, subjects took a ginger supplement for 11 days straight. On the eighth day of the study, the volunteers performed elbow extension exercises until soreness occurred. Taking ginger root supplements reduced muscle pain in participants who sustained exercise-induced muscle injury by 25 percent.



It is an effective immune system booster

Consuming ginger naturally heats up the body, which is great for a cold winter day, but especially helpful when battling colds and the flu. German researchers have conducted studies on the properties of sweat and have concluded that there are potent germ-fighting components that ward off infection.